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Spruce up your life. 

Spruce Up Solutions provides organizing solutions to clients in Decatur and greater Tennessee Valley to meet your residential and professional needs. If you are living or working in chaos there has never been a better time to get organized, and we can help! 

Wooden bookshelves with neatly stacked books, and decor items.

We All Need Help Sometimes

Let Spruce Up Solutions be the answer to your decluttering and organizing needs

Hi, I'm Katie at Spruce Up Solutions LLC. I look forward to inspiring you and improving your life through the professional organizing services that I offer here in Northern Alabama. We all need help sometimes, and I want to know how I can help you to live and work in the organized space you deserve. 

Read on for more about the process and how to get started with a consultation. The process of organizing may be daunting, but I am here to make it easier, and to ensure that you reach your goals with 100% satisfaction. If you've ever found yourself with piles of pending paperwork, mounds of items yet to be put away in an attempted organizing spree, or have rooms and closets in your home which no guest should ever see, contact me today so we can check off the items on your list! 

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